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Applicant Tracking System

Applicant management is enabled to monitor and manage applicant activities. Clidiem provides the complete applicant management, which includes all their details and information of leaves, proxy, payrolls, invoices, expenses and documents.

We are involved to improve the performance of your operations. We deliver the strategies, planning, structures, management and operations for all sectors. Consultant management of the business improves performance & eventually grows by solving problems

Job Portal

  • We will provide jobs dashboard to manage jobs.
  • You will walk through of job creation with easy steps and have different tags, fields which will help in filter right candidate for job.
  • Shared Job Information will be transparent to the all the layers.
  • You can get easy glance of any position from your dashboard.
  • Our job list view is on your finger tips to make easy and fast responses.
  • Job detail view will provide you 360 view of job.
  • Will provide you bulk action to manage job.

Optimize Keyword

  • Meet the accurate candidate and job with optimize keyword.
  • Optimized keyword that will target industry, sub-industry, function area and skills to achieve right candidate.
  • We will provide fluent search/Category option, which make sure you are target right candidate.
  • Tracking applicant will be combination of job and resume keyword; our optimizing keyword functionality will save your time and money both.

Email Integration:

Send bulk of email faster and more proficiently to make your recruitment process more easy and less time consuming. You can merge all information even if you have used different platforms for email communication.

  • Send directly calendar to email to your candidate or clients, we will automatic save your data in Clidiem application
  • Accept your meeting calendar from you outlook or Gmail
  • All email and calendar activity history will be track automatically.
  • Automatic sink your Gmail and outlook email with Clidiem application
  • Send any email from your outlook / Gmail without limitation.
  • Reply directly email, no need to logged in to application.
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