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Customer management is where it gets planned and where it gets executed.Keeping track of all the customer details can be quite challenging but CLIDIEM is a great platform to manage customer communication We do customer management in order to keep them updated and informed for all the activities and arrangements.

Secure Prospects

  • Company Verification Process
  • We will make sure that we have all the information before registering a company
  • Company Reviews on real payment and placement data
  • Get Competitive Suppliers

Track contact-

  • we provide ability to manage different activities, for example, emails history, task, attachments, notes much more..
  • We can see what is new happing with customer on dashboards ASWELL
  • On dashboard where you can track business/ applicant status like how many new applicants your team has submitted, at what stage your team is working ( submission, short listing etc)
  • On dashboard only he can quickly see how much business he is doing. ( with graph)

Customized system:

  • Highly customized and automatic system
  • We provide an easy online system which towards to increase productivity and offering easy collaboration with your customer.
  • We have simple and clean interface which connect effortlessly to its main features
  • You can track your pipelines.
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