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I, the undersigned, request Representative Karen Handel to co-sponsor house bill H.R.392 - Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017


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References : https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/392/related-bills
Overview: H.R.392 is a house bill that amends the Immigration and Naonality Act to eliminate the per country percentage limitation for employment based immigrants. This bill has unprecedented bipartisan support (236 co-sponsors as of 07/28/2017), with more than 100 members from each party in support.

Background: The overriding purpose of the employment-based (EB) green card system is to provide permanent residence to those individuals who add value to the US economy. In most cases, applicants utilizing the EB visa systems are in fields related to science and mathematics, many educated in our best universities, accounting for over half of the post-graduate STEM degrees awarded in the US. The Problem: Under the existing legal immigration system, each country is limited to receive 7% of alloted employment based green cards no matter how populous the county is. This means large nations like India and China, which account for more than 40 percent of the world’s population and even higher percentage of highly skilled global workforce, receive the same number of green cards as Greenland, a country that accounts for 0.001 percent of the world’s population.

This is causing huge backlogs (currently estimating up to 70 years!!) in the employment-based green card system for large nations.

The Solution: The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act reforms our legal immigration system by phasing out the existing, arbitrary per-country caps over three years to improve huge wait times created by years of per county limits while also ensuring that applicants from rest of the world continue to have access to employment- based visas.
  • This bill does not increase immigration to America by a single new visa. Instead this bill would leave in place a system where all equally-qualified, highly-skilled employees will receive green cards in the order they apply and based solely on the skills they are bringing to America.
  • H.R. 392 better reflects American values: i.e., skilled workers in America should be welcomed for their talents, not punished for where they were born.
  • This bill Enforces Fairness and stops incentives for unscrupulous employers /lawyers to displace US workers by exploiting immigrant workers stuck in indentured servitude (long green card backlog) who cannot ask for a raise or promotion and are not able to change jobs easily.
  • Unlike other visa categories, almost all highly skilled foreign workers are already living in America- paying taxes, contributing to economic growth, adding value through innovation and job creation, and already raising their children as Americans. Many think tanks and research groups have underscored the importance of immigrant entrepreneurs and the need for new start-ups in Georgia. Without green cards, current law effectively prohibits highly-skilled immigrants from starting companies or businesses creating new jobs here in Georgia
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