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Finding an easy way for your candidates to complete timesheet in time its big challenge. Your payroll, invoice and leave all depend on the timesheet and combine lots of spreadsheets is difficult and time-consuming for time sheets.

Solution - Clidiem will provide you the solution of your time sheets, Clidiem is stress on the time-saving in one-time timesheet entry, automatic invoicing, automatic split payments. By just adding information about project, task, and timesheet, it will automatic creating invoicing.

By entry simple super timesheet data, we will give accurate invoice of your candidate. We have easy timesheet approval permission setting that will automatically remind to people to approve the timesheet. There are plenty easy to run report and export timesheet to keep data in your systems. We worked to keeps track on people's pending, approved timesheets to make your invoice request processed.

  • Clidiem is easily approval path for time sheet.
  • Maintain daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Easy to enter & approve time sheet.

Clidiem has made every effort to create the amazingly straightforward time entry interface possible, right from quick drop-downs to the intuitive type-ahead entry, we've got the simple time-sheet features to meet all the employee needs.

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